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Summer Postcard Event!


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Take a nice screenshot and use it to create a beautiful postcard!

  • No inappropriate content is allowed.
  • You must use the frame provided for your screenshot and not resize it. Add your screenshot underneath it, just like the example at the top.
  • Your screenshot must be taken for this event and not before or long ago.
  • Your screenshot must be taken in Celestia Luna!
  • You must hide all names for the screenshot used (open Options, first tab, uncheck all name options).
  • You can edit your screenshot, add effects, crop it(cut), add small images (like emoticons and clipart, do not add any logos!). Extra images added must not cover the entire screenshot.
  • Each player is permitted a single entry.
  • Respect the guidelines and submit your art in time, late entries will not be accepted.
  • Do not reply to this topic unless it's to submit an entry or ask a question.
  • How to enter: Download the provided postcard blank (spoiler at the bottom), use it to create your entry, upload it to the forums or anywhere else and reply with your character name and your entry.
  • The theme is fun and summer!
  • Make it colorful, fun, full of action, entertaining, happy, any combination of the previous.
  • Have originality!
  • Overly edited screenshots or screenshots covered in too much extra art (emoticons, clipart, etc) are not pretty.

Every participant will obtain a pair of summer sunglasses (red or white, your choice).

Top 3 entries will receive a summer accessory of their choice (Tourist Hat(M/F), Rabbit Cap(M/F), Ducky Tube, Pink Bear Tube, Green Stars Tube, Candy Stripes Tube)
1st place will also receive 1 summer costume of their choice.


Good luck and have fun! Here's a web based image editor if you need one!


Postcard image that you must use



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  • Administrator

I think some players are having trouble understanding how to create their postcard.

First download the postcard image provided on the topic:


open it in an image editor, then take your screenshot and put it underneath the postcard image.

So if your entry has to look like this to be valid:


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