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  1. sir please unbanned my account: jenardyawa and dranej1990 please sir :(

  2. how to private donation?

    Talk to @Orange by sending her a private message or via IRC. She's in charge of private donations. Here is a guide on how to set up IRC if you wish to use it.
  3. quest giver

    That quest line begins with Jose in the Ruins of Draconian.
  4. Sniper Job Bugs, Fixed?

    Passive Musket Training is bugged, but that's not the only skill that's bugged. The active skills for Sniper are also bugged, they don't apply the debuffs that are given in their descriptions.
  5. login fail at home page

    The website is case sensitive when you log in, the game is not. If you can log into the game, then you have the information to log into the website. Also, we do have an account recovery system now, however, recoveries have been put on hold due to a heavy workload on our upcoming update.
  6. Sniper Job Bugs, Fixed?

    The sniper skills haven't been fixed yet. The active skills themselves work, but the class is weaker than other classes and the debuffs on the skills don't work. Musket training also doesn't work.
  7. Why i can't log in

    Read solution #2.
  8. shout with speak indo

    We like to issue warnings for offenders like this first instead of an outright ban. Many players don't know that you're only allowed to shout in English and you'll find that the majority of players will stop and apologize after being warned. Of course, repeated offenders will face punishment.
  9. Problem Check ID

    Account Recovery has been put on hold for a little while due to a heavy workload that the upcoming update has put on us. Account Recoveries should be resumed in the near future.
  10. Problem Check ID

    <Eon> .whyban warlock34 <shoutbot> User warlock34 is not banned
  11. What's this game like?

    In addition to Amaryllifolius's information, here are some in-depth guides that go into detail on each class.
  12. 2 Questions

    Strike will have no effect on your critical rate, and the max level of Magic Arrow is level 5 on Arch Ranger.
  13. 2 Questions

    AGI is Dexterity (DEX) which affects your strike, evasion, critical rate, and critical damage. You can increase your DEX directly each time you level up and also by upgrading your equipment (reinforcements, philos, etc.). Accuracy and Strike are the same thing and they affect your ability to be able to land hits on other players and monsters. Strike can be increased by adding points to your DEX and/or STR, although it will have a greater increase through DEX, and also by upgrading your equipment. Temper Master does get the Magic Arrow skill and, like Arch Ranger, it's max level is 5.
  14. Post Your In-Game Characters!

    Look who crawled out of their hole