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  1. Confirmed it's just a bug with activating the item without having warehouse slots. Moderators can close this/delete it/move it to accepted. Sorry for the stupid post -_-
  2. So I got back after like 2 years and was going to make a new character when this happened: I was going to use this to open my warehouse since I purchased this back when voting was a thing, but it disappeared instantly after I double-clicked it and showed in the chat that I apparently consumed the item. I obviously don't have any warehouse slots and double-clicking was purely on impulse (somewhat of a stupid move but uh yeah), so I'm wondering if the lack of warehouse slots caused the item to self-destruct? I would really like to know if this is a bug or something since I do need that item lol. Thanks for any response. Wait it came back after I changed maps... nevermind then, but is this still a bug or something?
  3. How do I delete my entire post history..

    1. Orange


      Now why would you do that! So many helpful posts!

    2. Nanaka


      when you have a 5 year old account there's a lot of cringe in the past lmao

  4. So I came across this...

    That thread is long since dead. It's safe to assume it's not being used anymore.
  5. Best Job for Foil and Stealth

    Well it isn't like you can't use them. You can - they do have shields and a second stun, which can really help survivability, not to mention high levels of hunter smoke/bomb. Seeing as how both have the same level of foil and stealth (and how most people only put one point in each anyways (maybe a couple in foil, not too sure)) it really depends on your choice of final class.
  6. Earning points/gems

    From here. In the future apparently there will be ways to do so, but at the moment, there are none.
  7. Weapons above lv 105 list ?

    You craft them out of rune ore, silk, and leather that drop in Nera Harbor. You need Perium Ingots in order to craft Rune Ingots using those materials. Putting the ingots in your construction menu will allow you to craft level 105-115 weapons and armor. Sketches can be obtained in Great Garden and in the Graveyard of Nera Knights (if my memory serves me right.)
  8. -sighs- Back to the grind.

  9. Beta Testing Team Sign-ups

    IRC Name: Miryle Most used character name: Alezia Spoken Languages: English, German Age: 16 Time playing Luna Online: 7 years. Time playing Celestia Luna: 6 years. Have you been a beta tester before? (do not include server names) Yes. Why do you want to join the Beta Testing Team?: Because I want to help eliminate bugs and make sure that the content released is clean and will not have a negative effect on the server. I enjoy this server, and I would like to help it become better. I've heard many things about this server having a lack of updates and how people want change. I believe that this beta testing team can help alleviate the complaints of many players who have just given up on hoping for an update. This game has so much potential, and I want to help bring it out.
  10. The Destroyer - By Zozo

    Hello, my name is in the top left of this post. I've been playing the destroyer for two years now, constantly, and I've tried out numerous strategies for this class, each of which I have found effective. In this guide, I will outline the stats, skills and equipment for a destroyer, plus an extra section giving a few tips on how to use this class effectively against all classes. I hope you guys find this guide informative. Changelog: Firstly, we will be going the path Guard > Swordsman > Knight > Destroyer. Why Guard? Simply because it grants level 10 enhanced HP. The only problem is you sacrifice Risk Taker for level 105. If you'd rather not level slowly and are prepared to lose 5 levels of enhanced HP, go ahead and choose Warrior. For stats, you'll want to go VIT for leveling until 125 - 130, the reason being you'll be grinding at levels 1 - 125 in various places, and if you go pure DEX from the start, you'll lose a lot of HP and defense. Don't even bother going pure STR, unless of course you're going to hybrid DEX and STR, which is your choice, I've never tried it out but, common sense tells me you'll get decent results. Max the red skills first, above all else, then the orange skills, then the yellow ones, and the green ones only if you want to spend SP. If the skill does not specifically state to max it, don't. Get level one only. The green skills are completely optional. Note that by saving SP in lower levels, you won't have to struggle in higher levels to advance skills since you didn't put as much SP in the green skills. Fighter's Heart - Max Burning Rage - Max Two Handed Training - Max Crash Blow - Max Sword Training - Max Uppercut - Level 1 or Max Enhanced HP - Max Heavy Armor Expertise - Max Burning Rage - Max Blessed Guard - Max Sword Training - Max Enhanced HP - Max Blood Leak - Max Sword Storm - Max Sonic Boom - Max Fighter's Heart - Max Warrior Form - Max Sword Accuracy - Max Crash Blow -> Burning Crash - Max or Level 1 Burning Crash Uppercut -> Earthquake - Max Two Handed Training - Max Sword Training - Max Mana Storm Spirit Sword Spirit Aid Lash Divine Justice - Max Weapon Synchro - Max Solid Weapon - Max Heavy Armor Expertise - Max Armor Synchro - Max Attract Circle Sonic Boom - Max Sword Storm - Level 11 Lash - Max If you've followed the guide exactly, you shouldn't need a reskill at this point. If you've taken a little too many extra skills, you'll be better off with a reskill. Risk Taker - Max Rage Burst - Max Despair - Max Fearful Blow - Max Fighter's Heart - Max Warrior Form - Max Burning Rage - Max Burning Crash - Max Earthquake - Level 20, you can go more but it will be bugged, I've heard you need to target in order to use it after level 20. Two Handed Training - Max Sword Training - Max Heavy Weapon Accuracy - Max Sword Rapidity - Max Lash - Max Wheel Wind Firstly, I will tell you that equipment is not everything, and I know this by experience. If you know me well, you can openly say I actually don't have very good items. However the passives of a destroyer and the sheer power makes up for it, you will need some decent gear to harness the full strength of this class. The "-" are your main gear, and the "+" is your secondary gear, not required but recommended.. If there are more than two "-" you need to choose which will suit you best and stick with it. Usually the first item is the most commonly used. Weapon - Dragonslayer (25+ str craft, 15+ str philo, 90+ crit rein) - Blade of the Sun (25 str+ philo, 110+ crit rein/25+ patk rein) + Muramasa (15+ agi philo, 110+ crit rein) Helmet - Kynee (+15 str philo, +30 dex rein) - Kynee (+15 vit philo, +30 dex rein) + Kynee (+10 strike philo, +33 dex rein) - Tarintus Helmet (+23 dex rein, +20 str philo) Chestplate - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Armor (20+ str craft, 20+ str philo, 30+ str rein) - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Armor (20+ dex craft, 20+ agi philo, 30+ vit rein) Gloves - Holy Iron Knight's Power Gauntlets (30+ str rein, 15+ str philo) - Holy Iron Knight's Power Gauntlets (30+ vit rein, 15+ agi philo) - Hidden Blade Gloves / Artifact: Fragments of the Hidden (20+ str philo, 30+ str rein) Boots (I don't know which is more common here) - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Boots (15+ str philo, 20+ dex rein) - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Boots (15+ agi philo, 80+ move speed rein) - Metal Boots (level 115) (25+ str craft, 20+ str philo, 20+ dex rein) - Metal Boots (level 115) (25+ dex craft, 20+ dex philo, 20+ dex rein) Rings - 2x Hathor (15+ str philo, no rein required) - 2x Hathor (18+ patk hc, no rein required) - 2x Hathor (8+ strike philo, no rein required) Earrings - 2x Flickering Magic Earrings (18+ patk hc, no rein required) - 2x Flickering Magic Earrings (12+ str philo, no rein required) - 2x Earring of Desire/Hegemonic Rainbow (19.5+ patk hc, no rein required) Necklace - Artifact: The Hidden Power Mark/Hidden Blade Necklace (19+patk hc, 600+ hp rein) - Necklace of the Living Body (15+ str philo, 500+ hp rein) Belt - Dragon Slayer Weapon Master (19+ patk hc) + Barbarian's Belt Head - Crit Slime (+193 Critical Rate variant) Eyes - Passion of the Classic Hopi Glasses (+5 Strength/Vitality Variant) Extra Slot - Mirror of Cosmic Dual Force (+2% Physical Attack Variant) - Nice Executive G. Guardian Cape - Phixus Cloak (+80 crit philo) - Legend: Lower Ends of the Goddess' Skirt (+90 crit philo) - Legend: Lower Ends of the Goddess' Skirt (15+ vit philo) Costume Head - Bachelor Hat of Refining (+3% Physical Attack Variant) - VIP Hat (Don't know the full name) Costume Body - Black Widow Leader's Suit Costume Gloves - Panda Gloves (+5% Physical Attack Speed) - Any costume gloves with +5 strength. - VIP Gloves (Don't know the full name) Costume Boots - Panda Boots (+10% Movement Speed) - Any costume boots with +5 strength. - VIP Boots (Don't know the full name) Ever heard of that quote? It basically states that the mind is more powerful than the body. In this case, strategy is more powerful than power. Does it matter if you one-hit everything? Absolutely not. Sure you may get laughed at but, at least you KILLED the other person. So with a destroyer, main skill is Burning Crash, you gotta have that as your main skill, if you don't you're screwed. Secondary skill: Fearful Blow, it's mid-ranged and never misses. Tertiary skill and long-range smacker-downer: Sonic Boom, this skill will two-shot most enemies if you have the right damage. Paladins, just get the first BC in and hope you stun, then Despair and lock 'em down with it. If Despair and Burning Crash fails, use Fearful Blow. The stun is long, so try to avoid stunning while it's active. Despair just as the stun is ending and paralyse the target. Then Burning Crash as Despair is active and repeat. Make sure Despair is constantly on. Same with elf paladins and Magnuses, try to get as close as you can and if possible, use your Muramasa to counter the speed of Rune Impact, if it stuns and RI wasn't cast, just repeat the steps above and if you can, switch to your Dragonslayer. Magnuses, for dual wielders, the only real thing you can try to do is get in close and BC, if not, run AWAY and use Sonic Boom. You don't want them to get RI in on you, if they do, it's over. Two handed magnus, just BC and they're done for, if you can, Sonic Boom would be nice too. One handers, refer to the strategy for "paladins." Swordmasters, if you can Sonic Boom them for at least 6k each, you're good for a potential one-hit. If they outlive it, Fearful Blow if you can afterwards. If not, just try to get in close and Burning Crash. Usually you'll hit first if you're using Muramasa, and since BC does insane damage even with Muramasa, you should manage to kill them. If you don't one-shot them, don't worry, the stun should keep them locked in place for your next BC. Other destroyers, just Sonic Boom the pure dex ones, and if you can get close, Burning Crash the pure vit ones or if they have too much HP. Cardinals, use Muramasa and get close, Burning Crash them as soon as possible, then repeat with the Despair > Burning Crash combo. They should die quickly. Rogues, just Fearful Blow and hope it crits, if it crits you're done. Most rogues won't have more than 5k HP, and one third of a Fearful Blow's damage output is 5k so... yeah. If the rogue blocks with a shield, you'll have to count on the stun. You can try to use Burning Crash to stun them first and then use Despair to paralyze them, and finally use Fearful Blow to knock them out. If it doesn't one-shot them, just use Despair again, Burning Crash if the stun from Fearful Blow fails, and you should be able to kill them with your second Fearful Blow. Bow rogues, if they're strength build, Sonic Boom and it's over. If not, get as close as you can and Fearful Blow. By: Zohor/Zozo 7/19/2014 My character at the moment:
  11. Strength and Dexterity

    Maybe - it depends on the class. For destroyers especially, a full DEX built can be a lot stronger than a pure STR build solely because of the critical rate and damage. However for rogues, most go pure STR because they already have high DEX. The thing with pure DEX is you have to crit to deal damage. If you don't crit, your base damage is so low it's like the enemy felt a strong wind and that's it. It works better against paladins since crit, to some extent, counters a high block rate, but then again you have to crit to deal any significant damage. This is why destroyers go DEX because they have a lot of damage, and why rogues go STR because they have a lot of crit. Tl;dr, mixing them usually balances you out. You don't deal no damage if you don't crit and when you do crit you deal quite a bit of extra damage.
  12. The Destroyer - By Zozo

    The main reason destroyers go full DEX after 130 is that they get one-shot so easily. Even though VIT gives a lot of defense, you don't have a shield. That's why it's not as useful as DEX. People use swords as Fifin said: Rage Burst gives good critical damage. You could use axes to gain more critical rate but you lose out on critical damage. It's your choice.
  13. Hidden Blade versus Chivalry of the Church's

    HB set provides more critical rate and damage, so if you crit a lot, you do ridiculous damage. Chivalry is more for raw power. If you crit you do decent damage, but even when you don't crit you still pack a punch. You also don't sacrifice defense if you choose Chivalry. Overall: Chiv = Playing safe. HB = Screwing stuff up.
  14. Best Moments Of The Day

    A thread suggested by Clise, Post your best moments of the day here! (can be moved to rant too but I don't see the relevance of rant (usually negative) to posting about good things) Today the worst dude in the school is on external suspension for plagiarism. A day without trouble.
  15. I heard you can counter blocking with a higher crit rate, but not by that much.
  16. Experience Share in Party

    A 25% experience boost to a full party? Nobody would solo anymore. What about the people that like to solo? Some people can barely kill monsters on their own now anyways, I see people dying more often than not in NH unless they're players that have main accounts and are leveling an alt or something. New players suffer a lot when they hit 90+. What about instead of 25% bonus at full party: Alone: 100% 2 ppl - 80% 3 ppl - 90% 4 ppl - 100% full party: 110% Bonus is calculated inclusive of the party leader eg. 2 people = 1 member + the leader This system basically means, if you have 2 people in your party, give 80% of the monster's exp that you would have gotten had you killed the monster alone to both party members based on their level. So for example if I'm level 105 and kill a Blue Beard Captain and get 100k exp, and my friend is 110 and gets 40k exp from them, give me 80k and give my friend 32k exp. Same thing goes for 3 people but with 90%. At 4 people just give full exp, no complicated system required. At a full party, give 110% of the exp you would get if you killed the monster solo based on your level. Using the case above, give me 110k exp and my friend 44k exp. I think you can only have a six-person party anyways, so I didn't include it. Tell me if I'm wrong (I probably am). This lowers the required amount of people to prevent any exp loss, and doesn't give an extremely high exp boost when with a full party. I think the default party setting at the moment is exp is split evenly between how many party members there are loosely influenced by the algorithm that calculates base exp gain when killing a monster alone. So a party with all level 105 will get more exp altogether than a party with two level 110s and one level 100. Making monsters harder would be too much work, I think. I mean if you really wanted to make them harder you could possibly lower the PVE damage scaling but... I'm not even sure there is such a setting. Or my entire post could be complete horse sh*t, take it all with a grain of salt. Please.
  17. The Destroyer - By Zozo

    Well at 105-110 you won't have a +12 Dragonslayer so you'll lose out on a lot of patk. But if you get a good +7 Requiem Blade (which I recommend in order to save money and not waste it on a +12 Req), you'll probably cap out at about 7-8k patk if I'm not mistaken. It could be less or more depending on the gear. At level 115 you'll probably have a solid 10-11k if you get str-focused items with dex reins and whatnot. Again it will always depend on what gear you use at that level. The only thing you'll be missing out on is the Dragonslayer sword.
  18. The Destroyer - By Zozo

    They change over time but a lot of them are around the one billion mark. So if you want to get a really well-outfitted destroyer you'll be looking at spending about 10-12b. If you're going discount destro then you'll probably need 5-6b for the barebones gear to PvP effectively. Individually the prices change, so I'd ask people in the know of the market.
  19. A new passive/change skill for destroyer

    Italics is what you said, below is my response. ----- "I'm pointing out that destro skill is yes high DMG but lack distance and first hit potential." This is irrelevant. In war, you're hardly the only one being targeted unless you're heavily edited or you're in a 2v2. Also, the range difference of Sonic Boom is literally 1m. That's it. You could take one step and use it and it would hit. Not to mention that Earthwave something-or-other skill that is a secondary distance skill, and you've got a sleep you can use, and FB outranges a lot of skills, including RI if you hit it fast enough (Muramasa+Panda Gloves). "FB vs Ri = Ri as the ri has slower cast. Destro excel in PvP against magnus and mage class by getting close and BC or sb. but that's because in PvP, your trap in a confine box that shorten distance." In FB vs RI it will always depend on who has the faster net speed. That's what this game is about. If you have better net, you're going to hit first. Fearful Blow is actually faster than RI. RI seems faster because the stun comes before the damage rather than at the same time. So if a Magnus doesn't stun with RI but you use FB the Magnus will die first. In 1v1 you are in a confined box, yes, and it is true that many classes suffer like this, but that doesn't mean that Destroyers are obsolete in war. Look at any war and count how many destros there are. There are quite a lot. The reason being consistent heavy damage output. In war as well you have healers and you have HB if you're allowed to use it. In PvP Arena it's a different story, 1v1ing there a destro will lose to a mage unless it can 1-shot them with a SB. That's the only weakness, but BT and the likes are in the same boat, and actually suffer MORE because their Shield Boomerang is shorter range and has a longer cast time than SB, and on top of that they have less health than a destro would normally have. "Not enough stat to spread between vit n str n Dex and destroy doesn't have buff\passive that increase defence same or more than other class." You only need one stat. You can go pure vit or pure dex, that's it. You don't have to put 50 in vit 40 in dex and 40 in str, that will break your build anyways. Destroyers are not meant to be tanks. That's the main point I'm trying to make. If you're a destroyer, you destroy. It's in the name of the class. You're a two-handed berserker that rips out the entrails of your enemies and uses them as offerings to Luna, that's what your job is. Your job is not to tank, leave that to the Magnuses and Paladins. EVEN SO, if you go pure vit you can easily hit 18k hp and 4k defense and still have upwards of 8k patk and you'll still do insane damage, and you won't die as easily as people would like you to. "That's why like rogue destroy should have a passive that increase Eva other then the inferior eva buff that destroyer have." I don't get this at all, why should I fighter class have an evasion buff? No other fighter class has an evasion buff. It may seem logical because Destroyers have light armor expertise but that's for critical rate and damage, and if you want to put evasion in there go ahead, it's your build. But having evasion as a passive is a no from me, I don't think it's necessary. "They say going destroy is cheap but making it all-round OK just make my head ache. there are flaws in destroy. I can easily get my necro enough m.s and vit and leave int zero as I only use poison then run." These are two different cases. It's like comparing an apple to a locomotive. A necromancer doesn't need damage, it uses DoT. All you need to do is invest in defense and movespeed as you said. That's the class. Destroyers need damage, but they don't need as much defense or movespeed because they practically one-shot everything from a distance in most cases. Plus you'll have a lot of movespeed in the endgame phase anyways because virtually every damn costume gives you movespeed in this game. If you put all your stats in VIT and just reinforce for strength and dexterity on a destroyer you'll be fine. You don't need overpowered gear to have a lot of damage as a destro. A lot of your damage comes from passive skills, so there is literally no point in putting stats in str. You can put stats in dex if you want more crit damage, crit, evasion, etc, but I find that somewhat ridiculous because these days every class has a never-miss skill and you'll die in one hit before you manage to use SB. Adapt or perish.
  20. Doubting

    Your defense and stuff is fine, above average, but jesus that attack and crit is rock bottom. What exactly are you using? I would recommend getting a crit slime and bwl if you can, those will really help. I can't really say much more since even my level 80-ish phalanx has more patk than that... Are you using a 105 weapon +7? If you haven't, reinforce it with crit. Errr, upgrade your mace training and one-handed expertise maybe? I'd guess that you're putting more sp into active skills than passives but I'm not sure. If you are, you should invest more into passive skills, especially offensive ones.
  21. A new passive/change skill for destroyer

    You trade off offensive capability for insane damage. I don't think the destroyer should be changed at all. If you play your cards right you can win in PvP against any class. This goes for SMs too, they trade defense for offense. Imagine a tanky destroyer dishing out 25k in BC and having stuns on you constantly which isn't hard to do in the game as it is now. It's just... insanity, the stun rates are overpowered as it is, 70% chance of a 3 second stun on BC that's available every 2.4 seconds and Despair is a little over 50% chance that stacks with BC's stun. If you're a destroyer and you stun a paladin you can lock them down so hard they'll smash their keyboard trying to get out of your stun lock. In conclusion, the destroyer is fine as it is. I don't think it needs any changes whatsoever. Plus you can go other paths like Phalanx>Destroyer which will give you more defense at the loss of solid weapon and synchronizing buffs.
  22. Spammer's Official Thread

    If you ate yourself would you grow in size or would you disappear?
  23. Hi..

    Welcome back to CL.