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  1. You're doing great! stay with that path. Arch Ranger don't need high HP in my opinion. It's class only focus mainly on damage and evasion/accuracy Welcome to the Blue Land, a Land full of Joy. Good Luck and Enjoy the game!
  2. Root

    Style Guide

    This is my favorite style at the moment Guardian Angels - Cold Storm's Wand - Halo of Honor - Royal Mercenary Hair - Sexy Bunny Costume (Black) - Stylish Wonderland Gloves - Cozy Winter Boots - Angel's Wings Island Delight! - Pump Up Pumpkin - Rose in Mouth - Regal Tycoon Wig - Luxurious Swimsuit - Hiji Style Accessories - White Cat Shoes - Angel's Wings Sweet Butterfly - Flame Staff - Moonlight Lotus Gown - Hiji Style Accessories - Moonlight Lotus Shoes - Royal Few Wings
  3. Root


    1. I don't think it's really that helpful for a newbie, due to the fact the pros dominating the event by using an alt with all of their moving speed gear to be faster than newbie so they will get more red envelopes (for example). And mostly newbie only got 2~3 of them. 2. This is tricky, i'm assuming pros will be making a bunch of alt to get free stuff such as reskill, etc and then they will selling all of those items with higher prices. ( not judging though) 3. Not a great idea, this will cause market prices to get worse 4. This is a good suggestion, I would say $50 is a good range for a minimum donations. But once again it's not that easy to make this suggestion acceptable, because in the other side they have to pay several hundred dollars for a nice server machine and a strong internet connection to host the game.
  4. Root

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Name: iMoonshine Arriving Angels ~
  5. Root

    Newbie here

    [p] means philo, [r] reinforcement, [c] craft, and [t] is total of philo + rein + craft
  6. This dog, is dog, a dog, good dog, way dog, to dog, keep dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, for dog, 30 dog, seconds dog!OK now read without the word dog.

  7. Note me in game for an invite, my IGN is Dices
  8. Note me in game for an invite, IGN : Dices
  9. Spoiler



    1. rinchannau
    2. Tacco Girl

      Tacco Girl

      LMAO! That is describing most of the world's population. :40: And I love your new profile pic!!

  10. Note me in game for an invite, IGN Dices
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